Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pioneer Trek

Our stake held a Pioneer Trek the first week of June. LeeAnn and Bethany were both participants on the trek. They went up on the Mogollon Rim near Forest Lakes, were divided into companys and families, just like the original Mormon pioneers did when they crossed the plains. The trek lasted for three days and they walked a total of 24 miles. Pushing and pulling handcarts along trails. Here are a few pictures from their trek.

Bethany is hard to see in this picture, but she is third from the right.

LeeAnn's family, she is near the front.

Bethany's "trek" brother was carrying her in the three legged race.

The stake asked Dave if he would be head cook. So he rounded up all his cook trailers and finished a new one - the water trailer, and they headed on up to the rim country.
Dave and his staff cooked for a group of 400 people. They ate broth and bread the first night, but were rewarded with pulled pork sandwiches, corn, macaroni salad and cobbler the last night.

From the archives:
Do you see anyone in this photo that you know?

This is from the Pioneer Trek that I took thirty-some years ago, held near Spanish Fork, Utah.
I just had to pull out some of my old pictures to show the girls. (sorry these aren't the best quality of pictures.)

After they all came home on Saturday night, tired, sweaty and more tired, I asked the girls how they liked the trek. They said it was hard but they liked it. There were many times when they felt like quitting. They learned that they could do hard things. They met new people and made new friends, but most of all they strengthened their testimonies.