Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cousins Sukiyaki Party

We had a Japanese sukiyaki dinner party with some of Bonnie's cousins on the Wagstaff side. My cousin Dorothy and her husband Blaine were in town on business, so I gathered together the Bates brothers (Larry & Shannon, Dan & Malena, Arlo and Gaylene) and Morgan and Jean with a special guest, Aunt Kate and had a dinner where we cooked at the table.

We sure had fun eating and visiting together. Eating with chopsticks is a challenge for those that are new at it, but I don't think anyone went away hungry. Our kids and niece Shannon had their own table with an electric sukiyaki skillet and ate out in Dave's office away from the grown ups.

Shannon dressed up in a Japanese kimono and greeted our guests as they arrived.

Dave prepares the trays of vegetables and later added the beef. Our table has three burners in the middle so we were able to cook our sukiyaki right at the table. It is a cook as you eat type of meal.

Shannon helps Bethany cut up snow peas.

Looking at the pan up close with various vegetables, beef, tofu and glass noodles.