Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today was the last day of school. It is a happy day for all of us. John left the 3rd grade behind having read a bunch of books this year, including all 7 Harry Potter books. Bethany, a 6th grader, left Franklin Elementary for the last time. Yesterday, she was awarded the "Outstanding 6th grader award" from the principal. Dave and I went to the school to see her receive this award. (See picture below) Next year, Bethany will be heading off to Heritage Academy to join her sister LeeAnn and cousins Anne Durfee and Shannon Jackson. LeeAnn has enjoyed her year at Heritage Academy as a 9th grader. She is learning new skills and developing talents. She helped with the school musical this spring. She has been taking Kenpo and recently earned her Purple belt.

This last month of school (MAY) has been hot, hot, with temperatures at 100 or better for 14 days in a row. But wouldn't you know it that today, the last day of school, it was only 87 degrees, overcast and raining at times. Bethany and the 6th grade had an all day swim party at a local pool. She said it was still fun. It was raining this evening though as several local High Schools held their graduation ceremonies outside in the rain. Here in Mesa, Arizona we only get rain a few days out of the year,(and we love it) but WHY did it have to rain today?

Bethany and Mrs. Householder

Bethany also received the silver medallion for her reading efforts.

LeeAnn with her new purple belt in Kenpo.

Monday, May 18, 2009


It's been awhile since I have posted anything here on the Blog. I am combining all the little things that have happened here in the last little while into one blog entry.


Amy brought over some of her puppies for a visit the other night. They are pure breed Miniature Dachshunds. These cute puppies were a litter of five. They had fun playing in our backyard with the kids. "Does anyone want to buy a puppy?"

Mother's Day.
Every year Dave and the kids fix me a nice gourmet meal for Mother's Day. This year was no exception. We ate Asian tofu salad and grilled chicken with some special sauce over bowtie pasta. YUMMY! Homemade Lemon sorbet was dessert. It was all a surprise and I wasn't even allowed in the kitchen. Thank-you Dave!

Victor Rex Jackson
May 7, 2009
97 years old

Dad and Bonnie

Morgan, Dad, and Bonnie
Mavis Petersen (Jean's mom from Minnesota), Morgan, Jean and Dad
Chris and Jenny Robinson and family with Grandpa. (Mackay, Haley, Grant & Jack)

Look out World!
LeeAnn is starting to drive! She got her learner's permit in April and has been driving her mother crazy. Oh, I mean, driving her all over town. She loves to drive and drives her Mom whenever she can. Dave even let her drive his truck, with him of course, up to Payson and back. Seriously, LeeAnn is a good little driver and puts up with alot of "Backseat driver" instructions from her mom.

While my Dad was here, John discovered a new, easier way to take out the garbage. Grandpa's wheelchair - "It makes any chore a breeze."

LeeAnn and Bethany

I asked LeeAnn and Bethany to pose for me in front of the rose bushes. The roses were so pretty a month ago. They are actually standing in the neighbors yard so you can see our house in the background.

Our neighbor friends, Shaylin and Alicia relax on the couch with Bethany and LeeAnn.