Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Utah Peaches

Utah peaches are so yummy.
This fall we bought three boxes of peaches. They were so yummy that we ate most of them fresh. Then we decided to preserve some of those precious peaches for future.

I love to can peaches. For me canning is more of an art than a chore. You place those peaches in just so so and they look beautiful. I have happy memories of learning to can all sorts of fruit with my mother when I was growing up in Montana. Then when I had my own family, my mom often made the trip to Arizona to help me can in September. (Well, and help celebrate birthdays too.) Canning with mom was an enjoyable experience. It was just fun to work together and visit while we worked. Mom had a little secret that made her peaches special. You leave the pit on one peach half. One pit in every jar. It added to the flavor or something. Well, I miss those days of canning with my mom. My peaches just don't quite turn out as nice.

THANKS MOM, for teaching me the fine art of canning, and instilling in me the love of preserving food.

Well, I have continued on the tradition and try to can something every year whether peaches, tomatoes or applesauce. Most of the time I have done it solo, or with a friend. This year, I got this bright idea. DAUGHTERS! It is time for them to learn. So I picked a Saturday to do some canning and freezing of peaches.

LeeAnn loves it, she's laughing

One slice for me, one slice for you.
Bethany and LeeAnn made quite the duo of peeling and slicing
Peeling and slicing, we've got this routine down.

There was enough left over to make a pan of peach crisp
The finished product! Now don't those jars of peaches look good enough to enter in the county fair? You know right next to Aunt Bee's pickles! What a wonderful feeling to see the finished product and know you have fruit to put away in food storage.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LeeAnn and Bethany's Photo Shoot

A few days ago, LeeAnn had me dress up in several different outfits. She had me pose in various places around our backyard. Here are a few of the pictures.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look what we brought back from Japan

September 18, 2008
Yes, what a cute doll (baby) we brought back from Japan 15 years ago. LeeAnn was born in Tokyo, Japan 15 years ago today. She was the best present or souvenir anyone could ever ask for. LeeAnn was less than a month old when we moved back from Japan. No, she does not have Japanese citizenship. She is a true blue American, but definitely loves Japanese food.

LeeAnn enjoys many of the things most teenagers like, music, movies, and hanging out with friends. She plays the piano, loves the computer, can bake and cook most anything.


from toddler on

Halloween costume

Posing after making a video that LeeAnn made with Cassi and Janel

Riding a horse at Cooke City, Montana

LeeAnn had a yummy lemon cake for her birthday this year. It was so lemony, that you almost can't see the cake in this picture.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Bethany! September 11, 2008

Today Bethany turns 12 years old.
Happy Birthday Bethany! We love you.

Turning 12 means graduating from Primary and going on to Young Women's. The YW group welcomed Bethany by heart attacking our front yard and posting the big Beehive sign in our yard. (This was secretly done during the dark of night.) Soon after we received a good rain. Now those hearts are droopy, but their message is still the same.

Here's a few other pics of Bethany from the last few years.

September 2008

practicing the piano

Bethany & friend Malina

Mom asked her to pose with the rose bushes

Christmas morning

John and Bethany before school concert - 2006

Bethany played the part of an angel in Primary

My most favorite picture of all. LeeAnn was the photographer here, in 2004!