Monday, March 7, 2011


Today is Michelle's birthday. She would have been 29 years old today if she were still living on this earth. We love you Michelle and still miss you very much.

High School Graduation party

BYU days

Early High School picture

Michelle and Katie take a break from their work at Nielsen's

Horseback riding in Montana.

Michelle & Katie

Michelle was a very special person. She had many talents and wasn't afraid to share them with others. She was self-driven and motivated like no other young person I have met. She set the example for her younger brothers and sisters in so many ways. One example of that was when she went to work for Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Little did she know almost all her younger sisters and brothers would follow her trail and work their too. (LeeAnn is the 6th Gardner to work there.) She was always very busy in good causes. I remember her senior year after she had already completed her Young Women's medallion that she planned and orchestrated a full musical fireside to include many youth from her stake.

We can only imagine what kind of work she is involved in now, up there in heaven. Without any physical limitations she must be working marvelous wonders there. Maybe she is dancing, or singing, laughing, or teaching. Whatever Michelle is doing, I feel in my heart that she is happy.